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EBSU 2016/2017 Proposed Admission Guidelines [5,117 Students To Be Admitted]

EBSU 2016/2017 Proposed Admission Guidelines [5,117 Students To Be Admitted] | Nigerian School, JAMB Post UTME, Admission and Scholarship News


The authorities of Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki hereby present as below the proposed guidelines for 2016/2017 admissions for Vice-Chancellor’s approval and for immediate implementation as appropriate . 


For the 2016/2017 admission exercise the following general guidelines have been approved and shall apply accordingly: 
(a) The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has approved that the 2016/2017 admission calendar shall commence from Monday 22nd August, 2016 and end by Monday, 14th November, 2016. 
(b) Credit passes in O/L Mathematics and English shall continue to form part of the mandatory general entry requirements for the 2016/2017 admission/ registration into all EBSU regular undergraduate programmes. 
(c) Admission/Registration of candidates into undergraduate programmes of Faculty of Law and Medicine/Anatomy shall continue to be based on possession of all relevant O/L entry requirements at Onesitting. 
(d) There shall be no consideration for admission/registration of all candidates (successful Pre-Degree graduands inclusive) into undergraduate programmes without evidence of: 
(i) minimum UTME (JAMB) result/score of 180 and 
(ii) either EBSU screening minimum score of 80 marks or PDS with a minimum score of 180. 
(e) The NUC approved admission carrying capacity for EBSU is 5,117. 
(f) There shall be no recommendation/admission of candidates into undergraduate programmes on Awaiting Resultbasis. For avoidance of doubt, no candidate who fails to present ready qualifying statement of result or certificate as evidence of fulfillment of prescribed entry requirements for admission through UTME or D/E shall be recommended/selected, admitted or registered 
(g) In addition to other stipulated criteria for supplementary admission, no successful Pre-Degree graduate without a minimum UTME score of 180 shall be considered for admission. 
(h) The selection for admission in 2016/2017 session would be done in such a way that the average of the candidates UTME score with either the screening or PreDegree score, whichever is higher, would be used. 
(i) No candidate with an average score of less than each of the faculty cut-off scores as in three (3) below shall be considered for admission. 
(j) No Pre-Degree graduate/other candidates who did not choose EBSU as first choice university may be considered for admission unless JAMB permits. 
(k) Direct Entry admissions shall continue to take 10% of EBSU total quota. 
(l) Direct entry admission seekers whose O’level results are not screened online may not be considered for admission. 
(m) A minimum of OND/OD upper credit shall continue to form basic criteria for Direct entry admission into EBSU programmes. 


The selection of candidates for admission/registration into undergraduate programmes shall continue to be by modified conference arrangement whereby Department/Faculty lists are to be mandatorily presented with each Departmental/Faculty Admission Committee minutes (with duly signed 
attendance list of members and a staff of Registry (Admissions) Department in attendance). 
NB: Any list that falls foul of the foregoing shall be discountenanced and an alternative list generated by the management administratively. 


The following average (UTME and Screening/PDS) scores shall be used as minimum cut-off marks for the 2016/2017 admission into programmes of EBSU; 
(a) Faculty of Medicine (FBMS): (a) Med. & Surg. 250 and above 
(b) Anatomy 190 and above 
(b) Faculty of Law 200 and above 
(c) Faculty of Health Science & Tech. (FHST) 
(i) Nursing Science 220 and above 
(ii) Medical Lab. Science 210 and above 
(d) Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) 
(i) Accountancy & Pub. Admin. 150 and above 
(ii) Others 140 and above 
(e) Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH) 
(i) Econs, Pol. Sc., Mass Comm. 150 and above 
(ii) Psy, HIR, Soc/Anthrop & Others 140 and above 
(f) Faculty of Sciences (FS) 
(a) Biological Science: 
(i) Biochemistry 150 and above 
(b) Physical Science: 
(i) Computer Sc. 140 and above 
(ii) Others 130 and above 
(g) Faculty of Education (FEDU) 130 and above 
(h) Faculty of Agric. & Natural Resources Management (FARM) 130 and above 


The first choice admissions are to be guided by JAMB approved admission criteria as follows: 
(a) Merit: Here about 40 (forty) percent of each programme shall be selected as general merit (MR). 
(b) Locality/Catchment (RL): 40% of the quota of each programme shall be selected and spread among 13 Federally recognized Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State. 
(c) ELDS: Educationally less developed states shall be discretionally applied for some LGAS in Ebonyi State still in keeping with JAMB approved criteria. For purposes of information only, please be reminded that states recognized as educationally less developed include: Adamawa, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Ebonyi, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe and Zamfara and this only guides Federal Universities as it were . 
(d) JAMB approved UTME subject combinations for different courses in the brochure shall continue to also guide all admission selections. 
(e) Physically challenged candidates with acceptable minimum UTME (JAMB) scores are to be accorded preferential admissions privileges even without evidence of participation in EBSU screening exercise. 


Subject to the prevailing situation, admission of candidates based on the 5,117 NUC approved quota for EBSU in 2016/2017 admission session shall be guided by the following criteria. 
(a) Merit/Locality 80% (3684 slots) subdivided into: 
(i) General Merit 40% (1842 slots) 
(ii) Catchment//Locality 40% (1842 slots) 
(b) Direct Entry candidates 10%(512 slots) 
(c) Educationally less developed Local Government (ELDLG) is 20% (921 slots). Ebonyi State is among the Educationally less developed states in Nigeria. Therefore, only the three LAGs at the three zonal headquarters are for now regarded as educationally developed. Thus: Abakaliki, Ezza South and Afikpo North stand as Educationally developed. 
The other ten Local Government Areas regarded as ELDLG for 2016/2017 admissions include: Ebonyi, Ivo, Ezza North, Ishielu, Afikpo South, Ohaukwu, Izzi, Ikwo, Ohaozara and Onicha. 
N/B: Please, note that in keeping with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) recent policy on admissions, which of course insists that conditions as listed in 5 above must be strictly adhered to, the University is constrained not to adopt her usual formular of allocating 
some admission percentages to stakeholders/government interest. Your usual understanding in line with the foregoing is highly solicited as we try to keep to extant policies as well as keep fate with our corporate social responsibilities, please. 


The 5,117 quota allotted to EBSU for 2016/2017 session shall be distributed to Faculties and Departments as shown on the table below: 


EBSU 2016/2017 Proposed Admission Guidelines [5,117 Students To Be Admitted] | Nigerian School, JAMB Post UTME, Admission and Scholarship News

EBSU 2016/2017 Proposed Admission Guidelines [5,117 Students To Be Admitted] | Nigerian School, JAMB Post UTME, Admission and Scholarship News

EBSU 2016/2017 Proposed Admission Guidelines [5,117 Students To Be Admitted] | Nigerian School, JAMB Post UTME, Admission and Scholarship News
EBSU 2016/2017 Proposed Admission Guidelines [5,117 Students To Be Admitted] | Nigerian School, JAMB Post UTME, Admission and Scholarship News

Admission of candidates through the Pre-Degree school (PDS) shall continue to be given adequate preference in such a manner that there shall be merit and supplementary admission consideration just like UTME candidates. 


(a) Council approved admission ratio of 80;20 between Ebonyi catchment LGAs versus candidates from other Local Government Areas/states respectively shall continue to apply as much as practicable. 
(b) The admission ratio of 60:40 in favour of sciences and Arts based courses shall also continue to apply. 


EBSU first and supplementary choice candidates who could not secure admission through merit shall be considered for supplementary admission provided that (i) they posses sufficient evidence to confirm that they were screened during the 2016/2017 EBSU screening exercise and that they passed 
JAMB (UTME) and EBSU screening/PDS at the respective minimum pass marks. 
(ii) they show evidence of payment of two thousand five hundred naira (N2,500) only for screening. 


The possession of basic O/L entry requirements in their respective areas of discipline shall continue to be used as conditions for Direct Entry Admissions for 2016/2017 session. This is without prejudice to Direct Entry candidates in Law where single O/L sitting criteria shall be waived for those with good qualifying D/E result certificates. 
(a) EBSU diploma results with a minimum of Upper credit shall continue to be accepted for D/E admissions just like others from Polytechnics and Monotechnics. 
(b) No Diploma from other universities shall be accepted for admissions/ registration in EBSU. 


There shall be provision for consideration of admission of staff biological children. However, this will be implemented to the extent that it will not jeopardise the University corporate image with respect to the recent JAMB policy on admission. Members of staff are advised to formally indicate such requests through collection/filling of the appropriate forms from Admissions Department. Such completed forms should be endorsed by staff HODs and submitted to Admissions Department. Only the forms approved by the ViceChancellor/Registrar/Chairman of Admissions Committee shall be processed for admission.


Prospective candidates shall be intensively screened to ensure that all documents tendered for admission (including O/L result, screening result slip, PDS result slip and declaration of identity/nativity) are genuine. The university shall have the options of: 
(i) Confirming candidates screening scores in relation to the approved cutoff point for the desired programme as well as the genuineness of the candidates O’level result. Using this option, admission may be offered to candidates based on the genuineness of his O’level result and UTME grade.
13. In addition to the above admission committee/HODs/Faculty officers and all concerned with registration of candidates are advised to ensure that candidates declaration of identity/nativity are critically scrutinized to avoid possible impersonation of Ebonyi indigenes. Any impersonator discovered shall be reported to the Registrar for automatic disqualification/withdrawal of admission 
and permanent blacklisting from future admissions in the university.


The deadline for 2016/2017 admissions according to JAMB is Monday, November 14th 2016.
All concerned with admissions should endeavour to keep to approved schedules of admission recommendations (merit and supplementary UTME/DE admissions) so that the university will be able to conclude admissions within the stipulated period to avoid any possible sanction by JAMB. It is worthy of note that JAMB intends to enforce this deadline to the letter this year.

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