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KUST, Wudil 2016/2017 New Students Online Registration Procedures

All Students are to take vital note of the following before, during and after submission of their registration.

All complains and suggestion should be directed to the portal administrator Or you can send a message using the contact form on the contact page(Contact KUST) of the portal.

PLEASE NOTE : Before you proceed on this page, checkout the requirement for registering the programme you wish to register for and make sure you have met the requirements and you have a list of the courses you should be registering for.

A. Obtain your registration access card from any of the designated issuing points.

B. Before you proceed, you must create a “user account” on the portal. Also note that your USERNAME is your STUDENT ID/MATRICULATION No . Keep in mind what you would use as (i) Login password and (ii) Valid e-mail address for correspondence.


* Jpeg format ONLY
* Less than 60KB
* Exactly 150px by 150px
* Recent Photograph
* Of good quality
* Of plain white background

C. Log onto the portal and click here OR the create new account link under the login panel on the left side of the web page.

D. Enter your username (STUDENT ID/MATRIC. No), valid email address, password and the PIN you obtained from the bank or bursery.
Note. You must answer the CAPTCHA at the bottom of the page. For example 5+7= 12

E. If successful, you will be redirected to a welcome page, click on the “My Personal Data” link below the registrant image on the on the left side of the portal page and enter the correct registration information. After submitting the Personal Data Information, Click on the Course Registration Link to register your courses.
NB: Click on the links to expand the input areas.

F. After making all the relevant entries, click on the submit button to submit your registration. Click on the VIEW link to preview your submissions. You can correct any information by clicking on the EDIT link and repeating the process above.

G. If satisfied with you submission, click on the PRINT button and print 2 copies of the registration form and also repeat same for the Course Registration. Keep one copies for your personal usage and submit 1 copy of each form at the relevant offices.

H. Please note that if your registration/personal OR Course Registration information has been submitted successfully, the RED Indicator in front of the submitted link would turn GREEN.

I. Also note that you can always come back any number of times to edit, preview or print your registrations as long as it is within the registration time

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