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The ANSPOLY Management wishes to inform allI Prospective Students,Applicants and Candidates and the General Public that the registration and clearance for the successful screened candidates for the National Diploma ND and Higher National Diploma HND Programmes of the Institution for the 2016/2017 session has begun.

Registration for the successful screened first batch candidates of ANSPOLY starts Monday, 30/01/2017.

All candidates are advised to come to the Polytechnic for the procedure and schedule and thus start registration proper.

For acceptance fee, school fees and accommodation fees notwithstanding, all the prospective students are advised to visit and contact the Bursary Department and staff for the full, clearer and final details of all the fees payable, and as well the guidelines on how to make the payments.

Confirm all fees and mode of payment with ANSPOLY Bursary Department, please. All other Admission /Registration Process information will be given by the Registry /Admin Officer. 



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