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The Joint Admission Matriculation Board [JAMB] has published the frequent and common Errors and Solutions relating to the JAMB Registration Application on Computers and Desktops for all CBT Center Owners.Many Approved CBT Owners do encounter errors during installation of the JAMB Registration Application on their respective computers ranging from access code errors, location settings, and other problems.

The Following Frequently Asked Question Will Help Solve Some Of The Problems faced by the center owners.

Question:I received the following message: “Error 404 while trying to install the  JAMB Registration Application”. What do I do? 
Answer: Confirm the URL address as

2.  Question: I don’t have an access code, what do I do? 
Answer:Check the administrator’s email provided and also check the spam folder in  your  Mailbox.  If  not  found,  send  your  correct  email  address  to  the  JAMB Zonal/State Coordinator in your State. 

3.  Question: I received the following message: “Invalid Access Code”, what do I do? 
Answer:Uninstall the JAMB Registration Application, Re-download and Re-install. 

4.  Question:  I  received  the  following  message,  “You  are  running  this  application
from an unauthorized Location”
, what do I do? 
Answer:  Make sure you are on the Network provided by JAMB i.e. using the SIM card provided. 
5.  Question:  I  received  the  following  message,”  Access  code  supplied  invalid  or
system not recognized”
, what should I do? 
Answer:  Re-launch  the  application  and  the  access  code  on  the  FIRST  SYSTEM (admin system) that you used. Once this is done successfully, you can proceed to add other systems via the admin system (THE FIRST SYSTEM).

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