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AAU Ekpoma Approval of Mobile Examination Malpractice Committee

AAU Ekpoma Approval of Mobile Examination Malpractice Committee
This is to inform the University community and the general public especially the students of Ambrose Alli University that Senate has approved a Mobile Examination Malpractice Committee for the on going Second Semester Examination.
Consequently, any student involved in any form of Examination Malpractice as stated in the student Handbook of the University will be tried and if found guilty, will be sanctioned accordingly, immediately.
For clarification, below is the list of what is considered Examination Malpractice as stated in the student Handbook.
  1. Cheating, Spying or a student allowing his/her work to be copied by another student.
  2. Use of material relevant to the examination including textbooks, notes, scripts, G.S.M. handsets or other electronic devices in the examination hall.
  3. Possession/destruction of materials (i.e. those materials referred to in ‘b’ above) in examination hall relevant to the paper being examined.
  4. Impersonation in examination, i.e. writing examination for another student or procuring/hiring another person to write examination for him/her.
  5. Refusal to complete Examination malpractice form when required to do so.
  6. Insubordination to invigilator or other authority.
  7. Causing noisy distraction in the examination hall and other disruptive acts.
  8. Fore knowledge of examination questions.
  9. Illegal possession of University examination booklets.
All students are expected to adhere strictly to this warning as “ignorance is not an Excuse
Momoh Mercy Ebunuta, MANUPA
Administrative Assistant
For: Deputy Registrar, Information/Public Relations Officer
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