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Lexus GX470 Review | Sponsored

Lexus GX470 Review |
In 2003 Lexus has become the first luxury brand that offers three original SUV class cars: LX470, RX330 and GX470. And in many respects GX470 can become a golden mean in this beautiful threesome. So, in this post we will talk about GX470. If you are interested in buying Lexus GX470 –  buy on Jiji – one of the largest Nigerian marketplace! Here you will find the best choice of cars at the best prices on the web! Also, you can be sure in safety of transactions! Don`t hesitate! Join Jiji today!
GX470 model shared a chassis with the Toyota 4Runner. The car has got the same 235-horsepower 4.7-liter V8 engine. But the weight of the car is less on 408 kg, which enables to use 434 nm of torque more efficiently. As a result, GX accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds.
Lexus GX470 Review |
In the cabin there are eight leather seats. The driver’s seat has ten modes, front passenger seat has four of them. Both seats are heated.
Among other luxury paraphernalia we can mention inlay panels in wood, leather wrapped steering wheel, heated outside mirrors, water repellent front door glass, wipers with rain sensor, automatic climate control, 6CD changer, side security curtains, Downhill and Hill-start systems.
Lexus GX470 Review |
Lexus chief engineer accentuates that GX470 has a combination of firm frame structure and softness in driving that is usual for the cars with self-supporting body. GX470 is light for its size, and has a low center of gravity. Thanks to the use of several advanced technologies, the car has reached great level of handling, noise and vibration.
Lexus GX470 Review |
The abundance of equipment and functions of GX470 made Lexus to upgrade the LX470 model. Among the updates you can see 18-inch wheels, wipers with rain sensors, restyled bumpers, new dashboard with maple trim, navigation equipment, which allows you to watch a DVD movie on the front screen, and the other – from behind, if you have installed DVD package for passengers.
LX470 also offers a new option: Lexus Night View. It uses near infrared spotlights that capture all objects (not just those that radiate heat). The sensors work in pairs with Charged Coupled Device (a special type of camera). The image is projected onto the lower level of the driver’s line of sight through the windshield. Thus, night visibility stretches in 3-4 times more than in normal light.
Lexus GX470 Review |

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