Al-Hikmah University 2016/2017 Course Registration Procedure

This is to inform all students that the University Senate of Al-Hikmah University has approved a new procedure for registration of Courses for 2016/2017 session as follows:


Step One – Payment of School fees.

Step Two – After payment, students should proceed to their Level Advisers for Courses to register for. (Departments are to design a form to this effect).

Step Three – Students proceed to register on-line and print 4 copies of the registered courses.

Step Four – Students take the printed course forms to the Level Adviser for confirmation and endorsement.

Step Five – The Level Adviser will forward the endorsed course forms to the Head of Department who will endorse and forward same to the Dean for endorsement.

Step Six – College Officers will forward the forms to the Deputy Registrar(Academic) after their endorsement.

Step Seven – Academic Office will endorse and distribute the forms appropriately.

Deadline for Course Registration
The deadline for Course registration is 30th November of every Academic Session.

Late registration for Courses which will attract a fine of Five thousand Naira (N5,000) per week will begin on 1 st – 31 st December of every Academic Session. Students that fail to register for Courses as at 31 st December of every Academic Session will be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the University.

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