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JAMB Course Statistics 2017: Top 15 Courses Selected By Students

JAMB statistics 2017 showed a new record this year. According to the spokesman, more than 1.7 million candidates have taken part in JAMB this year. What courses did they choose? Let`s take a look at the Top 15 courses selected by students at JAMB 2017 registration.

15. Sociology: Sociology is the science which is deeply rooted in statistics. Still, not many students decided to choose Sociology this year.

14. Electrical Engineering: This year a lot of students have decided to dedicate their lives to electronic devices. They want to work with electronics and change Nigeria!

13. Biochemistry: A lot of students want to specialize in Biochemistry. They want to study biological and chemical processes of living things.

12. Banking and Finance: Few students showed interest in the Banking and Finance industry. Banking and finance lost one position in the ranking comparing to JAMB application results 2016.

11. Medical Laboratory Science: Nigeria is a country that does not have the best medicine in the world. It suffers from many diseases across the country. No wonder, that the JAMB application has showed that so many students are interested in curing these diseases at laboratories.

10. Mechanical Engineering: JAMB results showed that a lot of people decided to choose Mechanical Engineering. These skills can be applied in energy, vehicle design, and even robotics.

9. Public Administration:  Public Administration provides this opportunity. Jamb`s statistics showed that many students want to make changes in politics today.

8. Business Administration: Who does not want to be a businessman? JAMB 2017 registration showed that a lot of students want to engage in businesses

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7. Pharmаcy: Nigerian Medicine is not the best in the world. It`s true for the quality of medical pills. A lot of applicants from rural areas want to change this problem. They want to help with the quality of medical pills.

6. Nursing: Do not underestimate nurses. They tend to be with a patient for 80% of the time. Doctors are the brains of any operation, but nurses do all the hard work. What will you do without nurses?

5. Economics: Despite Nigeria being one of the biggest countries in Africa, it faces economic problems. A lot of students in Nigeria know this. It means that they want to know economics work to change its course in the country.

4. Mass Communication: What would you do without TV, internet and radio today? How can you influence people using mass media? Did you ask yourself these questions? A lot of people who passed JAMB 2017 wanted to know answers! That`s why they chose Mass Communication.

3. Law: Law is always on top of students` choices in any country. When you know the basics of law – you can serve in any respected organization. Millions of Nigerians chose Law this year.

2. Accounting: Numbers can be quite boring. Still, professions connected with these numbers can be interesting. JAMB statistics 2017 showed that a high number of candidates want to dedicate their lives to numbers.

1. Medical Science: It`s fascinating to see that the first place in the JAMB application list is Medical Science. Nigeria suffers from different medical problems. That`s why people want to become doctors who will fix these problems.

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JAMB Statistic Conclusion From the JAMB registration results, it`s obvious that a high number of people want to study medicine. Four positions out of fifteen proves this. It means that Nigeria should expect more doctors in coming years. And we hope they will be qualified ones.

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