NIS List of Successful Candidates for 2015 Re-scheduled Recruitment

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) wishes to announce that the underlisted candidates were successful in the rescreening exercise for the aborted 2015 recruitment into the Superintendent and Inspectorate Cadre of the NIS that took place between 29th August and 6th September, 2016 at the NIS Headquarters, Abuja

2. The successful candidates are requested to kindly report to the NIS Headquarters, Musa Yar Adua Expressway, Sauka, Abuja for the collection of their appointment letters as follows:

S/No    Rank                     Date                                       Time
1.        ASI II      MONDAY 14th NOVEMBER, 2016    10:00AM-2:00PM
2.        IA 1-3    TUESDAY 15TH NOVEMBER, 2016   10:00AM-3:00PM

Service Public Relations Officer
For: Comptroller-General of Immigration

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