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UMYU 2016/2017 Non Choice 1st Batch Admission List [Check Here]

This is to inform all candidates who did not choose UMYU as first choice (Non Choice) but had 220 UTME scores and applied for the 2016/2017 admission screening exercise are hereby informed that the 1st batch admission list is now out.

Such candidates are advised to visit the JAMB Portal and make payment for the change of institution immediately. 


165042646HFMuhammad MustaphaNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
265047604ECManzo Ibrahim SaniNatural and Applied SciencesINDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYB.SC INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYMale
365049746BILawal MujahidNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
465050271JCNasir Asiya YasheNatural and Applied SciencesMaths and Computer ScienceB.Sc Computer ScienceFemale
565050329BFLawal Abubakar DaraNatural and Applied SciencesINDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYB.SC INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYMale
665050537HAMuhammad Zulaihat ZangoNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYFemale
765050688AFBello Suleman MajeNatural and Applied SciencesBiologyB.Sc BiologyMale
865138796AGUmar SadamSocial and Management SciencesEconomicsB.Sc EconomicsMale
965193072EBMuhammad Auwal HussainiNatural and Applied SciencesMaths and Computer ScienceB.Sc Computer ScienceMale
1065242237IDHaruna Mustapha AbbaNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
1165248929IGAl-mustapha UkashatNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
1265248998hdFatima Sagir IsahLawLAWLLB LAWFemale
1365249075DGAhmad Isma’il SamboNatural and Applied SciencesINDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYB.SC INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYMale
1465249567BFTukur Imam-malik LawalNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
1565540890BGRabi’u AbdullahiNatural and Applied SciencesINDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYB.SC INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYMale
1665550478GBAbdulkadir AminuNatural and Applied SciencesINDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYB.SC INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRYMale
1765554124IESada Abdullahi IroNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
1865554148bcAbbas Aminu YaraduaNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
1965554278baBala Zainab UmarNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYFemale
2065554352HJIbrahim Abdulmalik ModibboNatural and Applied SciencesMaths and Computer ScienceB.Sc Computer ScienceMale
2165554419HCAdamu Ummalkhairi DoguruNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYFemale
2265555181IGHalilu AhmadEducationLibrary and Information ScienceBLISMale
2365555980EFHusaini Abdulrashid RafindadiNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
2465559483bcAliyu Umma IdrisNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYFemale
2565560224caSa’id AbdullahiNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
2665561372GIMuhammad Sa;ad TankoNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
2765854977BDAliyu Gambo MandilaNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
2865875634CFAbdulrahman UmarNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
296607816CHShehu Abdulmalik UNatural and Applied SciencesBiologyB.Sc BiologyMale
3066116491AHShehu SalmanuNatural and Applied SciencesMaths and Computer ScienceB.Sc Computer ScienceMale
3166223086DBAbubakar Zainab DanjumaNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYFemale
3266223423ihSalisu Aliyu WaziriNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
3366223464GBHalliru Fatima IdrisNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYFemale
3466224712ADYusuf AbubakarNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
3566454700JHHassan AbubakarSocial and Management SciencesEconomicsB.Sc EconomicsMale
3666506662JANdu Okpe SegunHumanitiesEnglish and FrenchB.A EnglishMale
3766576773FDTasiu BadamasiNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
38C27814105Bello Umar GarbaNatural and Applied SciencesMICROBIOLOGYB.SC MICROBIOLOGYMale
3965552584EISani Ahmad MukhtarNatural and Applied SciencesBIOCHEMISTRYBSC BIOCHEMISTRYMale
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