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UNIABUJA 2016/2017 Institute Of Education Portal Closure Important Notice


Closure Notification

  • “Institute of Education Portal Open from 31st October,2016 to 11th November, 2016“
  • Students on Probation or Advised to withdraw should contact their Course Coordinator immediately for possible change of course or Counselling
  •  Click Here To Login To Portal.

The Institute was established in April, 2004 by the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gambo Laraba Abdullahi following its approval by Senate of the University of Abuja. The Institute did not however commenced operation until 2005 when the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nuhu 0. Yaqub provided the needed take-off grant for its activities. 

The current Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Adikwu is determined to take the Institute of Education to new heights by providing needed support both for the expansion of programmes and provision of physical infrastructure.
The Sandwich Degree Programme started with five (5) programmes in July, 2005, seven (7) programmes were added in 2006, and nine (9) additional programme have since been included bringing the total to 20 undergraduate degree programmes in Education Foundations, Arts, Social Science and Science Education. 

The Institute of Education also run Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) for first degree and HND holders before been accepted as professional Teachers by the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). 

The programmes are listed below:

1. Education FoundationsProgrammes: 
B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling 
B.Ed. Primary Education Studies 
B.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning 
B.Ed. Social Studies 
B.Ed. Educational Psychology 

2. Arts Education Programmes:

B.A. (Ed.) English*
B.A. (Ed.) Arabic Studies 
B.A. (Ed.) Christian Religious Knowledge 
B.A. (Ed.) Islamic Studies 
B.A. (Ed.) History *
B.A. (Ed.) Library and Information Science* 

3. Science Education Programmes:

B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology 
B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry 
B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics 
B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics 
B. Sc. Ed.) Environmental Education 
B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science 
B. Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science 

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4. Social Science Education Programmes:

B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics*
B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography* 
5. Post Graduate Diploma in Education 
PGDE, Arts Education
PGDE, Science Education 
*Admission in the some programmes has been suspended due to loss of Accreditation. Action to restore such programmes is at advanced level.


The first degree programmes of the Institute offer courses in Education for the professional enhancement of Teachers/Lecturers through part-time and sandwich studies. The focus is to train various categories of Teachers, in particular those with NCE to enhance their knowledge, skills and competences to meet modern challenges in teaching. The programme is also geared towards enhancing high standard and best practices in the classroom and catch young candidates who are interested in teaching. 


The Sandwich Programme is either four (4) or five (5) years depending on one’s entry qualification. 
Each Contact period is expected to last for twelve (12) weeks. 


A. Four Year Degree Programme Part-time/Sandwich 
All candidates for admission into the four (4) year degree programme in the Institute 
of Education must possess:
i. A minimum of NCE merit pass from a recognized institution in Nigeria, 
ii. A minimum of five (5) credit level passes at the O’level including Mathematics and English or its equivalent. 
B. Five Year Degree Programme Part-Time/Sandwich 
All candidates for admission into the five (5) year degree programme in the Institute of Education must possess the following: 
i. NCE pass and 
ii. Five (5) credit passes at the SSCE/O’level at not more than two (2) sittings which must include Mathematics and English as required by the respective programmes, or its equivalent. 

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Only candidates who pay the stipulated school fees are considered to be bona-fide students of the Institute and are qualified to attend lectures and sit for examinations. Details of this are contained in the admission letter. 


All Sandwich Students are required to attend 75% of their lectures, submit assignments which carry 30% and sit for examinations which carry 70%. The Institute operates the same grading system as the Regularprogramme: 0-44 (Failure), 45-49 (D), 50-59 (C), 60-69 (B) and 70 above (A). 


A student who fails any registered course at each level carries that course to the next level and must register those carry over courses first during the next level. Students must stick to the maximum number of courses allowed to be registered during each contact period which is….. 


These are courses that students are unable to take because they have registered the maximum required for the contact. 


At the point of entry, each student is given a number which he/she uses for identification, assignments and examinations. 


Deferment for admission/contact can only be granted if registration is done and school fees paid. Application for deferment must state in concrete terms the reason(s) and attach photocopies of receipts for school fees payment. In case of ill-health, a medical letter from Government-owned hospital alone is acceptable which must be sent before the end of the contact that the student is deferring to the Director for Professional and Academic Board (PAB) and Senate approval.
If a student exempts his/herself from lectures, examinations, teaching practice without permission, such a student is liable to withdrawal from the Sandwich Programme. 

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The outstanding rule is that students must graduate with the names they registered with at the point of entry, irrespective of change of name in the Newspaper. 


Any Student caught cheating during examination will face Examination Malpractice Disciplinary Committee within a month from the period of the establishment of the case through a letter, and non-appearance before the Disciplinary Committee on the specified date is an admittance of guilt of the offence which earns such a student dismissal after the report has been presented to the Senate and due process have been exhausted. 


For now, graduates of the Institute of Education cannot enroll for NYSC Scheme. 


The staff of the Institute comprises both teaching and non-teaching personnel, amongst which are the following: 

  1. Director of the Institute of Education;
  2. Deputy Director of the Institute of Education;
  3. Secretary to the Institute;
  4. Examination Officer;
  5. Programme Coordinators;
  6. Finance Officer;
  7. Information Officer;
  8. Centre/Venue Coordinators;
  9. Lecturers; and
  10. Supporting staff.

i. Examination Officer:The Institute has a substantive Examination Officer.
ii. Lecturers:Most Lecturers that teach the Institute Programmes are from the University with a few being engaged from outside with a maximum qualification of a Master’s degree holder in relevant disciplines. 
iii. ProgrammeCo-ordinators:There are approved ProgrammeCo-ordinators for the respective Programmes who are saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the affairs of each programme ranging from sufficient lecturing during contact session to setting, marking and submission of examination results.

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