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UNN Aspirants: Read Important Things You Need To Know During Supplementary Admission

Soon the merit list which is also called primary list will hit the net. Its very certain that many will not make it in that merit list but that doesn’t mean its all over, that doesn’t mean all hope is gone, that doesn’t mean you have lost the admission if you don’t find your name in that merit list. Primary list or merit list contains names of those who scored up to the departmental cutoff marks and it contains 30% of the total names to be admitted in UNN for 2016/2017, the rest of the 70% comes through supplementary lists. Those who are cut off but scored up to 180 or 200 in the screening, not Jamb or average (depending on what the minimum shopping/supplementary cutoff will be) will try their lucks via supplementary in courses lower than the course they originally chose.
Supplementary is same as shopping. During supplementary or shopping, there are few things you need to know or understand.
– There is no other screening to be taken for the supplementary.
– There are about 3 to 4 lists that will come out after 1st merit list and they are called:
* 1st supplementary or 2nd primary list.
* 2nd supplementary or 3rd primary list.
* 3rd supplementary or 4th primary list, etc.
– Applying or purchasing supplementary or shopping form doesn’t mean you will get admission. In other words, not everybody who purchases supplementary or shopping form will get admission but that doesn’t mean you should not purchase it, you may be among the lucky ones.
– If you do not purchase supplementary or shopping form, you will likely not get admission under supplementary lists.
– Supplementary admission is more competitive than merit admission. This is because its under supplementary admissions that all the sorting, all the lucks, all the connections and also those who scored high in screening but were cutoff from their original courses because they didn’t reach the cutoff marks all tend to compete with people with low scores in same advertised courses, so you need to be prayerful, up and doing, shine your eyes and leave no stone unturned.
– During supplementary/shopping, there are courses that will not be advertised, in other words, people will not be allowed to shop into such courses such as medicine, law, pharmacy, etc but when supplementary admission list comes out, names will come out under these courses and the question is always…why and how did they put people in such courses. This is one of the things that are beyond your understandings and you don’t need to know how.
– During supplementary or shopping, do not shop into same course you were cutoff because you wont get it unless you are working your admission. Look for a lower course from the advertised courses you believe your score is above their cutoff marks and fill. We will help and guide you through when the time comes especially those who will get the form from us so that you don’t shop into a wrong course.
– During supplementary or shopping, do not shop into a course which does not have same utme subject combinations with the 4 major subjects that are shown in your screening acknowledgement slip. Example, you don’t shop into biological sciences when your original course is an Engineering course because they don’t have same utme or 4 major screening subject combinations.
– During supplementary or shopping, do not shop twice, shop only once and ask questions before you fill your form.
– During supplementary, you don’t need to come to nsukka for it or to do it, you can call us and we will help you in getting it and fill the correct course for you; its still through remita, same procedure you followed while getting RRR code during your screening registration that will be used for there is possibility you may get it where you are but if you don’t get it where you are, don’t waste time to call us so that you will be among the first that will fill their supplementary or shopping form and stand a good chance of getting admission.
– During supplementary or shopping, do NOT neglect or overlook it or take it for granted, it may be an opportunity for you to make it into UNN this year.
– During supplementary or shopping, pay more attention on the instruction UNN will give. UNN usually says those who scored 180 or 200 and above in the screening (depending what this year will be), NOT average or Jamb. If UNN says 180 or 200 and above in screening, even if your Jamb is 230 or the average of your Jamb score and screening is 230 but your screening score is not up to 180 or 200 and above, do NOT purchase the supplementary or shopping form because you are just wasting or throwing your money in UNN pocket for nothing. Also be mindful of your 4 major screening subject combinations while choosing a course to fill. I will post all the courses with their correct subject combinations when the time comes.
Ask questions before you fill to avoid mistake and wasting your money for nothing.
– During supplementary or shopping, don’t get discouraged because of the number of shortfalls attached to each course. A number of shortfalls mean number of candidates still needed in that course. The truth is..when the list comes out, the number of people that will be admitted are always more than that shortfall attached to that course when it is advertised.
Beware Of Scammers!!!

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